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Quantity options: 0.25m3, 0.5m3, single trailer = 0.7m3, cube = 1m3. 

Alternatively, bring your own container (eg. bucket) and we will fill it!


Screened Topsoil


Description:  Topsoil which has been screened to remove rocks and debris.

Uses:  Topsoil can be used for top dressing, filling in holes, yard preps on sandy areas.

Garden Soil


Description:  Our garden soil contains screened topsoil, mulch and sand.

Uses:  For all general garden beds.

Premium Garden Soil


Description:  Our premium garden soil contains a mix of mill mud (fertiliser), topsoil, mulch and sand.  Our premium garden soil is Ph tested.

Uses:  For use in vegetable gardens, flower beds, rose gardens.

Potting Mix


Description:  Our potting mix contains  screened top soil, sand, pine bark, and mulch.

Uses:  It is very free draining, so it's perfect  for potted plants and seed raising.

Premium Lawn Dressing


Description:  Our premium lawn dressing is a mix of coarse sand and crusher dust.

Uses:  For top dressing lawns.

Turf Underlay


Description: Fine sand and screened topsoil.

Uses:  For turf preparation, top dressing or yard preps.


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