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Quantity options: 0.25m3, 0.5m3, single trailer = 0.7m3, cube = 1m3. 

Alternatively, bring your own container (eg. bucket) and we will fill it!


Dune Sand


Description:  This sand has been extracted from sand dunes at Mackay Harbour.

Uses:  It is extremely fine and can be used instead of brickies loam.

Turf Underlay


Description: Fine sand and screened topsoil.

Uses:  For turf preparation, top dressing or yard preps.


Fine Sand


Description: Fine river sand.

Uses:  For underneath foundations, in paving, or pool areas.


Premium Lawn Dressing


Description:  Our premium lawn dressing is a mix of coarse sand and crusher dust.

Uses:  For top dressing lawns.

Clean Sand (coarse)


Description: Coarse river sand.

Uses:  Yard prep, drainage areas.

Freshwater Sand 


Description: Screened sand.

Uses:  Top dressing lawns.

Builders Mix - 10mm


Description: 10mm blue metal mixed with sand.

Uses:  For concrete mix - use for foot paths and slabs (smaller stone).


We also sell bags of cement.

Builders Mix - 20mm


Description: 20mm blue metal mixed with sand.

Uses:  For concrete mix - use for foundations etc.


We also sell bags of cement.

Sandpit Sand


Description: This is a mixture of coarse sand and dune sand.

Uses:  Childrens sand pits, school and kindy play areas.

Marble Sand


Description: Fines from white rock.

Uses:  For decorative purposes.

GP Cement


Need to know how many bags of cement for your concreting job?  Click here: 


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