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Concrete retaining blocks 

Small 900 x 600 x 500

Concrete retaining blocks


Build your retaining walls the easy way with our concrete retaining blocks.  Available in a two sizes, these large blocks are perfect for your next project.  

Small:  L 900 x H 600 x D 500  (approx. weight 650kg)

Large:  L 900 x H 800 x D 500  (approx. weight 865kg).  

The blocks come in three different varieties:   (all blocks have lifting lugs)

  • Bottom block - has grooved sides for rio/concreting and a hole in the middle (also available with no hole).  We also have flat end corner blocks available as well as half blocks (for ends).

  • Middle block - stack these up to 10 high and then reinforce with steel bars (through the hole in the middle) and then fill the core with concrete.  This interlocks the wall.

  • Top block - use for the last layer on top.  These have a groove in the top where you can slot through a steel bar and concrete fill to interlock the top layer.

Large 900 x 800 x 500

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