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Delivery / Courtesy Trailers


We have a variety of trucks available for deliveries, and can deliver up to 3m3, 6m3, 10m3 or 25m3.


Truck sizes

The following is a guide on the sizes of the trucks.


3m3 Isuzu

Dimensions: 2.5m high, 2.2m wide


6m3 Isuzu

Dimensions: 3.1m high, 2.7m wide


10m3 Kenworth

Dimensions: 3.4m high, can fit through 3m gate (width)


25m3 Kenworth Truck & Dog

Dimensions: 3.4m high, 19m long, can fit through 3m gate (width)


Courtesy trailers

10m3 Kenworth

6m3 Isuzu

3m3 Isuzu

25m3 Truck & Dog

We have three complimentary courtesy trailers available for use.  We also have multiple vehicle plug types available.  All you need to do is provide your driver's licence as identification and provide a $25 refundable deposit.

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